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Originating from the general engineering sector back in 1998, M&S CNC has forged itself a reputation of supplying high quality componentry in the specialised areas of electronics, wireless communications and analytical science.

Producing high degrees of surface flatness, careful consideration of edges & corners to protect our customers intricate assembly processes are normal day to day activities in our facility.

Our company has spent many an hour validating internal processes and contractors in the exacting needs of finishing processes such as Nickel Plating and surface preparation.

It is not uncommon for some critical components to receive 3-4 days in dedicated tumbling and polishing operations in our facility prior to being ready for final plating.
For the most part, high speed machined Billet Aluminium and Austenitic Stainless Steel parts are checked for conformity with non contact vision CMM equipment and supplied with conformity reports to our clients for their assemblies.

Laser marked serial numbers are also regularly saved with the individual measured data for traceability.

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Factory 5
15 Cusack Road
Leongatha,VIC 3953